Beat Stress- The Natural Way

Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of mental illness. ~Richard Carlson

Ayurveda believes in Healthy Daily Routine , Yoga, Meditation, Natural Healthy Food and supplements to combat this illness.

Keeping awareness about our conduct is the key to control ourselves.

Avoid Junk Food, Night Awakening, Day Sleeping, Loud music, Over indulgence on computer.

Cittam prasadyati laghavamadadati
pratyangamujjavalayati pratibha visesham
dosanudasyati karoti ca dhatu samyam
anandamarpayati yogavisesagamyam

means: good sleep induces happiness in the mind, relaxation in the body and rejuvenation in its every component; it also enhances mental talents and intellect. It helps eliminate the defects and weakness and ensures harmonious balancing between healthy functions of the body; sound sleep also offers the joy that one would experience by certain kinds of yoga exercises.


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Ayurvedic treatment have their own unique qualities and does not leave any side effects. We use all kind of natural Herbs, effective for all diseases and then these are used to cure patients.

Now we are also available at Rani Bagh, Pitam Pura

Address :WZ 1563 Rani Bagh, Main Market Delhi 110034